SNMP Agent development involves the implementation of applicable IETF and Enterprise MIB modules. Our SNMP Agent development services include:

  • Evaluation of C/C++ and Java SNMP developers’ kits for embedded and host operating systems
  • Identification of common design approaches for accessing management data via SNMP management applications, command line interface (CLI) and Web-based browser applications
  • Generation of source code for subagents from the data models defined in standards-track IETF and private enterprise MIB modules
  • Development of custom source code for subagents to retrieve management data via system instrumentation layers
  • Creation of scripts for functional and regression testing of SNMP Agent code
  • Mentoring and development of client staff on a variety of topics including:
    • mapping of external SNMP indexes
    • notification of asynchronous events as TRAPs and INFORMs
    • modeling of alarms and persistent problem states

As an early implementor of SNMP technology, our principal consultant performed the technical research and software development tasks leading to the incorporation of an embedded IETF standard compliant SNMP Agent into the DECServer and Digital Communication Server product family of network access servers.

Ellison Software Consulting provided the research and development services for the inclusion of a standards-compliant implementation of the SNMP Agent Extensibility (AgentX) protocol within the SNMP Agent bundled with the Hewlett Packard Tru64 UNIX operating system.

We have successfully completed numerous assignments for information technology clients using open-source and commercial SNMP developers’ kits applied to a variety of communications device and network application products.

We are able to provide project management and to mentor client development and QAengineers responsible for SNMP Agent development tasks. As a cost effective alternative, Ellison Software Consulting is able to perform SNMP Agent development tasks from client project requirements.

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