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How Free is Open-Source Software?

I recently discussed an interesting issue with a long term client:  Why should we pay recurring royalty fees to a commercial software vendor when we could replace the commercial software subsystem used in our product with free open-source software? A previous post, Commercial or Open-Source Software?  Lowering the Cost of SNMP Applications Development, reviewed the “build […]

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Virtual Machine Software Development Environments

With newer chipsets now implementing support for virtualization, the age of physical machines is in decline and the age of virtual machines rises towards prominent use.

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Work-in-Progress: Current IETF Activity Related to Network and Service Management

Updated on Friday 11 February 2010 I am often asked, “What Internet-Drafts on network and services management are IETF working groups developing?”.  The following provides a brief outline of and links to the current works-in-progress. Note that Internet-Drafts are works-in-progress and expire when a subsequent revision is available, or six months after initial publication, whichever […]

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Product Evaluation: DMH Software’s SNMPv3 SDK

Every so often I have the opportunity to evaluate a software developers kit (SDK) targeted for use in network and services management applications. I recently evaluated the SNMPv3 Advanced SNMP Agent SDK offered by DMH Software.   A product profile and evaluation synopsis follow. Product Profile DMH Software sells a software developers kit consisting of an […]

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Commercial or Open-Source Software? Lowering the Cost of SNMP Applications Development

In a world of commercial and open source software toolkits, how can we best identify and select the option lowering the cost of developing SNMP Agent and SNMP Manager applications? The goal in selecting an SNMP developers’ toolkit is to find the most cost effective means to accelerate development and realize successful project completion. During […]

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